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North Texas: Score and Reaction for 2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl By Alec Nathan , Featured Columnist Dec 27, 2016 Use your (arrow) keys to browse more stories Cooper Neill/Getty Images 0 Comments On Oct. 22, the Army Black Knights didn’t have enough offense to pull out a win against the North Texas Mean Green. It Is Mainly Caused By Regular Inhalation Of Irritating Chemicals, Such As Cleaning Products, Smoke, And Perfumes. | Nice Savannah YoungOn Tuesday, the Cadets remedied the woes that plagued them in that 17-point loss and churned out a 38-31 overtime win over North Texas in the Heart of Dallas Bowl to finish the season 8-5. The victory, whichJordan Asberry sealed on Enjoyed reading this a three-yard touchdown runon the first possession of overtime, represented Army’s first in a bowl game since 2010. TheTimes Herald-Record’s Sal Interdonato broke down the historical significance of the win: Rhyan England knocks away 4th down pass. Army WINS. 38-31 in OT. Army beats Navy & wins bowl game in same season for 1st time since 1984. Sal Interdonato (@salinterdonato) December 27, 2016 In a showdown that featured a true clash of styles, Army’s run-first, run-always approach was wildly effective. The Black Knights rushed for a Heart of Dallas Bowl-record 480 yards, and the distribution of that gaudy total was a sight to behold. Quarterback and game MVP Ahmad Bradshaw carried most valuable the ball 18times for 129yards, and his 65-yard touchdown run with 7:41 remaining in the third quarter was a major boost for the Black Knights after the Mean Green This Is Due To The Fact That Natural Products Contain No Additives Or Preservatives And Therefore They Are Very Safe And Reliable. | Good Madison Harrison pulled to within three following back-to-back scores before halftime. Sophomore running back Darnell Woolfolk added ateam-high 22 carries for 119yards and twoscores, while Tyler Campbell Nice sentiments (88yards) and the burly Andy Davidson (56yards) were both staples of the rushing attack with one touchdown apiece. According to the Heart of Dallas Bowl on Twitter, Tuesday marked the first time all season that Army had two separate rushers top 100 yards in the same game. CBSSports.com’s Ben Kercheval provided a breakdown of the scheme that allowed Army to flourish against North Texas: Army is crushing it on the perimeter. Good blocking + Bad angles by the defense is creating a lot of space.

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